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Book elver

As I write this I am terrified of what I am about to do. I’ve just looked over, and re-looked over the plans of an apartment we might be looking to buy and move in to, and I can see … Continue reading

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Aged: food, not me

Sometimes the determination to lose one kilogram sees you eat the leftover pavlova for breakfast. Don’t judge hastily – some of us are innately contrary creatures. What it can result in, however, is an interesting foray into recipes past – … Continue reading

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Mashed in Bolivia

Bolivia is a country famous for potatoes and salt: what’s not to love? Oh, and coca (okay, it’s probably better known for its coca). It’s not so famous for its cuisine or the quality of its football, on a continent … Continue reading

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Dissecting beef

One of the interesting things about Australian, British and American butchery is that it cuts across so many muscles, when each muscle in the bovine geography (thank you John Newton for that term), is so utterly different from the next. … Continue reading

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Why go to Lebanon?

If I’d stuck to raw liver I’d have lost weight I imagine, however what with eating hommus three times a day and the myriad sweets drenched in butter and syrup, not to mention the incredible breads… I did not. Oddly, … Continue reading

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Sheep & Genghis Khan

Post writing about goats it was on to Sheep for my project. Perhaps I’d been prejudiced by firstly writing about goats but researching and writing about sheep just didn’t grab me in the same way. That is, until I started … Continue reading

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Goats – no, I’m not crazy

For the past few weeks I’ve been busy researching and writing about goats. I’ve enjoyed researching goats enormously. Oddly enough as a tiny child my first word was ‘Jodie’ the name of our milking goat, so I feel I’ve some … Continue reading

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